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Pre orders

We have been tossing around the idea of pre ordering breads for the winter months as we went from 5 farmers markets down to 1 for the winter. Saturday pickup on the farm stand is what we will be going for with pre orders due by Thursday. Stay tuned.

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  • I love the idea of preordering your breads. Will there be a minimum number to be ordered? Like …3….. maybe? Thanks a lot Irene and Bob. Ellen

    • Hi Ellen . Currently we are only doing 1 farmers market (on Sunday) So we bake Saturday night for that, you would be able to pick up Saturday evening ( a warm loaf) or Sunday morning bagged and ready to go.. seeing that we are already baking for the market their wont be a minimum. We are trying to get the pre orders by Thursday night or Friday early morning as most of the breads take a day or two too ferment. The online pre orders have been a little challenging so until the kinks get worked out a email or phone call will work best. Thanks!

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